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General Dentistry

General Denistry

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General Dentistry and Preventive Care

Dental Health Is A Collaborative Effort

As a full-service family and cosmetic dental practice in Wyomissing and Mount Penn, our staff understands that maintaining a healthy smile takes the efforts of a whole team! At your next six month cleaning or dental exam our professional cleanings go above and beyond the efforts of even the most avid brusher and flosser to fight plaque buildup and tooth decay, and to preserve the health and function of your teeth. We know you’ve heard the importance of seeing the dentist, but when our certified hygienists deliver a refreshingly thorough level of teeth cleaning and Dr. Latourelle explains the current status of your current dental health, you’ll know it takes a team of support and compassion to keep your teeth feeling strong and healthy.

General Dentistry

From our first baby tooth to a new set of dentures, what we do to care for our teeth has an impact on our overall health and immune system. At our office in Wyomissing we provide a range of general dental services, from gentle root canal treatments to designing custom dental crowns and bridges or treating cavities while they’re small. Our team provides patients with gentle, conservative treatment to support positive dental health for years to come.

Preventive Care

Healthy teeth stay strong when regular brushing, flossing and six month appointments to the dentist protect the teeth from gum disease or decay and preserve the natural structure of the tooth. Plaque, bacteria and tartar buildup create areas of tooth decay or gum disease over time, but with our preventive services such as scaling and root planing, deep cleanings and oral exams your teeth stay healthier even beyond your visit to the office.

Lap Exams

For children who are 6 months to 3 years old, parents can hold their child in their lap to encourage their utmost comfort throughout their dental exam. At your child’s visit we’ll sit knee-to-knee with the parent while their child sits in their lap. While we examine and monitor their dental health, we can discuss preventive options with the parent while the child has a view of the smiling faces of mom or dad.

Get To Know Dr. Latourelle

As a member of the ADA, Pennsylvania Dental Association, Berks County Dental Society, Academy of General Dentistry, and accumulating over 500 hours of accredited ongoing education in modern dentistry, Dr. Latourelle understands that providing the best in general and cosmetic dentistry begins with having a wealth of knowledge, education and experience. Having been one of only three residents accepted per year to serve at the Abington Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia, Dr. Latourelle is proud to be a premier general dentist in Wyomissing and Mount Penn.


Your Six Month Appointment

Are you overdue for your six month dental checkup? No matter what your current dental condition may be, professional care offers a unique advantage. Our comprehensive cleanings remove tough areas of plaque, bacteria or stains that build up from our favorite coffees, teas and foods while Dr. Latourelle monitors and treat small dental issues before they develop into more serious or expensive problems. If it’s time for a checkup at the dentist, give us a call to schedule your appointment!

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“We Strive To Treat Every Patient Like Family.”

At our dental in Wyomissing and Mount Penn, we believe in serving our communities with honest and compassionate dental services. Our strength is in our quality of care as we take the extra time to get to know our patients and their needs on an individual level.

Michael D. Latourelle, DMD

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