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Root Canal

Root Canal


Root Canal

Gentle Treatments For Healthier Teeth

Even the smallest signs of a nagging toothache become our first priority at our general and cosmetic dentistry in Mount Penn and Wyomissing. If a chronic or growing pain in your mouth is keeping you up at night or making it difficult to eat or drink without tooth sensitivity, you may be experiencing symptoms of a cavity and be in need of a root canal. When you come into our office our team will focus on preventive and conservative treatments to quickly eliminate pain and provide a comfortable experience throughout your treatment.

What is a Root Canal?

Signs of tooth decay may not be obvious simply by looking in the bathroom mirror! Root canals occur as an infection inside the soft inner part or “pulp” of the tooth, and once they form they are difficult to treat without professional endodontic care from a trained dentist in endodontic dentistry. If you have noticed a change in your dental health or a pain in your mouth, give us a call or come in today for a dental exam and comprehensive treatment.

Symptoms of Root Canal

Consider if one or more of the following conditions may be placing you at a higher risk for developing tooth decay or a root canal:

  • chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
  • deep pockets in the gums or gum disease
  • exposure to repeated dental procedures
  • decay above or below the surface of the tooth
  • poor dental hygiene or naturally weakened tooth structure

Our Gentle Root Canal Process

At your appointment Dr. Latourelle will administer a local anesthetic to numb the affected area. Next, a small hole is made into the surface of the tooth to access and remove the infected inner pulp. After the root canal is sanitized, it is filled with a rubber-like substance (gutta-percha) that behaves similarly to a natural tooth root. Finally, a strong filling or dental crown seals the tooth for a stronger tooth structure that is built to last.

Our Personal Touch

Receiving care from us means meeting directly with Dr. Latourelle at each of your appointments. Whether you are sitting down for a root canal treatment or need help understanding the treatment process, Dr. Latourelle believes in being there for each of his patients, listening to their unique needs and forming a personalized treatment plan. When it comes to caring for you, your family, and our patients of all ages, we are dedicated to providing care that is meaningful and pleasant.


Conservative Care At Michael D. Latourelle

Our patients in Wyomissing and Mount Penn experience a higher level of dental care no matter their specific treatment needs. By using only the best tools and methods and getting to know our patients on an individual level, our patients experience better results with minimized discomfort and improved precision. To make your appointment with Dr. Latourelle and the team, give us a call! We’re glad to help restore your teeth for carefree smiling and better health overall.

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